Carl Sagan’s 'A Glorious Dawn' is the first vinyl record played in space

Jack White's Third Man Records launched a 'space-proof' turntable into space.

Third Man Records, the record label created by The White Stripes’ Jack White, announced that they’ve made history by launching a 'space-proof' turntable into space (near space, to be precise), using a high-altitude balloon to reach a peak altitude of 94,413 feet. Their goal was to 'send a vinyl record up as high as possible and document it being played there.' And that they did.

According to their press release, for 'the entire hour and twenty minutes of ascension, the Icarus turntable faithfully played Carl Sagan’s 'A Glorious Dawn' (from 'Cosmos' by Symphony of Science composer John Boswell) on repeat, using an impressively sturdy phono cartridge and stylus as well as an onboard flight computer programmed with a few different actions to keep the record playing while it was safe to do so.'

Eventually, when the balloon popped (around the 83rd minute), the turntable went into 'turbulence mode' and safely survived the descent back down to earth. You can watch the entire historic voyage – all two hours of it – in the video.

Watch the video at Open Culture.